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Creators, Authors, and Curators

Meet some of the authors and content creators behind the Inspiratt.io videos and books.

Ethan Galstad

Ethan is the founder of the Inspiratt.io project and the lead writer and content producer for the “Zero To Hero” series.  He is an entrepreneur and avid reader across a wide variety of subjects.

Paul Singh

Paul has been a performer and speaker for over a decade. Through his own experiences, he has made it a mission to help people in times of need. Overcoming obstacles throughout his life gives him a very unique perspective. Paul produces inspirational quotes, content, and also helps manage the social media presence for Inspiratt.io


Garrett Guntly

Garrett GuntlyGarrett is one of our photographers and videographers for Inspiratt.io content. His photojournalism work has appeared in several national magazines and media outlets and includes everything from sporting events to presidents. Through the lens of Inspiratt.io, it is his mission is to uniquely capture the untold stories around us.

Josh Manley

Josh is a photographer, videographer and creator!  He is constantly inspired by people and what drives them.  He has been published in national magazines and featured on websites for his content.  His passion is finding new and exciting ways of telling stories through his photos and videos.

Benjamin Braff

Benjamin is a story producer for Inspiratt.io videos and helps manage our social media presence. His passion for visual art, authentic human stories, and community development has taken him around the world from Olympic events to United Nations committees to expanding the rural narrative of northern Minnesota. His work has earned him a Blandin Foundation Legacy & Leadership Award, a regional Emmy® nomination, and a Labovitz Entrepreneurial Award nomination.

John Mackin

John is a videographer, producer and editor for Inspiratt.io as well as manages Inspiratt.io’s social media pages. After studying film at College of Santa Fe in New Mexico and Columbia College Hollywood in Los Angeles, John began video shooting, producing and editing for many advertising agencies and production houses around Minneapolis. His main passion is telling impactful stories through video and film, both in long and short form, and has experience creating engaging video marketing content in a multitude of industries.

Ravi Butler

Ravi is a videographer, producer and editor for Inspiratt.io. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Media & Rhetoric from University of Minnesota- Morris.  His background in Television & Video Production includes numerous positions working for KSTP-TV as a Studio Production Assistant, Video Intern for the Minnesota Vikings, Video Tower Operator for Canterbury Park, Television Production Assistant for CTN-Studios, Park TV, and Eagan TV. He is also a freelance videographer for companies like Mars Reel, Drama Kids International, and RKB Productions LLC.

Micah Ternet

Micah is a lifelong creative that found his passion in videography and directing. After serving in the US Army, he pursued a bachelor and masters degree from the University of Minnesota prior to a career in corporate technology. During this period is when Micah found his passion and eventually left his technology career to pursue development of his own videography and designs company. He’s an avid adventurer and explorer with a love for story telling.

Kevin Hahn

Kevin is a Video Specialist at Nagios Inc. Originally from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, he grew up in Buffalo, MN, attended Concordia College in Moorhead for Music and Communication, and learned video editing, motion graphics, and 3D animation on his own. Aside from video, he plays various instruments, sings, and performs close up magic.